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Tame disorder, increase your productivity, and streamline your workflow with carbonless forms. From invoices to order forms, packing slips to receipts, inventory checklists to service contracts, a well-designed carbonless form will save you time, money, and headaches by providing an instant duplicate you can provide to customers and co-workers alike.

  • Need an extra copy to file with sales staff and accounting? Consider 3-, 4-, or 5-part forms.
  • Add a second ink color to make information easier to find.
  • Make organization and filing a snap with pre-drilled holes.
  • More info here and here.

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Carbonless Information
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Custom Quantity

We have listed the common sizes of forms, but if what you want is not listed, select the 'Check Comments' option and enter the size you want in the comment section. Size

When it comes to paper weight, 20 lb. is pretty standard for most office forms. Carbonless paper comes configured for two, three, four, or five-part forms.
For a custom multi-part form, select the 'Check Comments' option and enter the paper colors and number of parts, i.e., blue over white 2-part, in the comment section.
Likewise if you choose 2-part/3-part tag, please specify the paper color(s) in the comment section. Available colors are: White, Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Gold, and for Tag the available colors are: White and Manila.
Paper Stock

Most carbonless forms are printed single-sided. After all, carbonless paper only transfers information front-to-back (not-back-to-front).
Color-Front printing uses just a single color of ink. Two Color-Front uses two colors and provides the maximum impact and visual appeal. However, many forms don't require more than one color, and a well-conceived Color-Front or black ink (most common) design can prove an acceptable alternative.
Ink Color Options - Front

Most carbonless forms are printed single-sided. After all, carbonless paper only transfers information front-to-back (not-back-to-front). However, some forms contain static information, such as terms and conditions, on the back side of the form for the convenience of the user.
For more than one color, select 'check comments' option and specify that you want more than one color (the exact amount) in the comments section.
Ink Color Options - Back (Backer)

The glue edge refers to the edge of the page where the forms are connected. Most carbonless forms are glued along the top or the left edge. Glue Edge

Drilling is the printing term for adding holes to the edge of a printed item to make it fit in a ring binder. We call it drilling because we use an actual drill (designed specifically for paper) to bore through an entire stack of printed materials in one fell swoop. We can set up our equipment to drill holes that match any standard ring-binder configuration. Hole Drilling

Numbering (Red Ink Only)

Turnaround time varies on options above.

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