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Sequential Numbering

What is sequential Numbering?

Sequential numbering printing refers to printing numbers in sequential order on sets of forms or other printed pieces. Each form or piece gets a unique number and is printed in either ascending or descending numerical order.

How to Use Sequential Numbering in Printing

Sequential numbering is commonly used on carbonless forms, also known as NCR forms like invoices, purchase orders, contracts, etc. It can also be used on other printed items like raffle tickets where you need a unique identifying number.

Printing of Sequential Numbers

Sequential numbers can be printed almost anywhere on a sheet or form and can be positioned horizontally or vertically. Numbers can also be repeated in another position on the form. When developing your artwork, consider putting a box for numbering, making it easier for your customers or employees to find and reference a specific job or transaction. Start your sequencing at any point you like, to pick up where you left off in your last print order.

Numbering Equipment

Here at Franklin Press, we have a numbering machine dedicated to numbering your print orders.

Need Advice on Printing Sequential Numbering?

If you are thinking of using sequential numbering, please give us a call at (256) 927-4112 for helpful advice on how to best set up your artwork. We can also shrink wrap your forms in custom counted bundles to help you keep track of your form inventory. Standard binding options include booklets or pads in quantities of 25, 50 or 100 forms.